Words of Advice

Words of Advice

This week I talked to several members on faculty and asked them to give a piece of advice to a dance applicant on the day of their audition. Here are a few snippets from their responses:

“Just dance”

“One of the things I like to understand is, how they feel about dancing. Is this necessary for them, or are they just following a path.”

“I look for a certain kind of passion, a certain kind of love for what you are doing.”

“Try to relax and breath, and inhabit it.”

“Just be in the moment, and share what you love to do.”

“Stay in the moment, because it’s a fleeting moment. It’s only one day.”

“If someone has this connection to dance, you can see that, so trust that you have it.” 

I also asked some of the students from the dance department the same question. Here are some of their responses.

“You want to show who you are. Don’t be afraid to showcase what makes you unique, but stay open-minded to working with the teacher and dancing in a new way.”

“It is inevitable that you are going to be nervous, but it is important that your nerves don’t inform everything about you. You have to be your full self in the room, and if you can show your full self, than that is the best you can do.”

“If you pretend to be someone else or dance as you image they would like you to dance, you are not going to be the dancer you truly are. They want an individual at this school, they don’t more dancers that they already have.”

Now, I know that is a lot of information to take in, but hopefully there is something in there that you can connect to and keep with you for your audition.

Auditioning can be the most terrifying thing. I remember that people told me not look at it as an audition. I hated when they would say that. How can you not look at it as an audition? It is an audition. Instead, I think they meant to look past the fact that it is an audition. Look past and see it as an another opportunity to share this gift that you have within you.

Best of luck!


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