Jerry Shafnisky

Office Manager of the Drama Division

How do you describe your job? 

I'm part of the administrative team that supports the whole Drama Division: faculty, students, and staff. I do everything from assigning lockers to facilitating auditions, and everything in between. In a big way it's my dream job! 

Where is your favorite spot in the Juilliard building? 

My favorite spot is at my friend's desks: many friends, many desks. My colleagues all throughout the school offer such incredible professional and personal support that I can't help but gravitate to their desks! 

What do you consider your personal superpower? And if you could have any superpower you wanted, what would it be? 

I'm a huge proponent of the power of a smile. 

I think I'd choose flight as my superpower, because I'm a little bit lazy when it comes to walking. 

Do you have a favorite Juilliard memory from over the years? 

Above everything else, my favorite part of my job is all the people who have come into my life through the years. There are too many to count; literally thousands of people that I meet through the auditions, as well as the people I spend every day working with. 

A perfect example: Friday, January 23rd, just two days ago. I was hosting the Q&A Session for Parents and Guardians of applicants of the Drama Division and there was such a beautiful flow to the meeting: wonderful questions being asked and wonderful answers being provided by the alumni, current students, and colleagues from other offices, all of whom inspire me deeply. It reminded me of why I'm so fortunate to be doing what I do. It was a perfect cross-section of all the elements of my job and the privilege of getting to share the room with all those special people. It was definitely a memorable two and a half hours. 

Advice...From People Who've Been There, Done That

Advice...From People Who've Been There, Done That

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