Alumni Coming Back to Juilliard

Alumni Coming Back to Juilliard

Hey guys!

Another crazy week went by!  The highlight of this week was definitely our orchestra concert on Saturday! 

Our conductor was Peter Oundjian, a Juilliard alumnus!  He is now the music director of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.  One of my favourite things about Juilliard is that we get to actually work with world renowned conductors and it is such an incredible experience.

We played the Infernal Machine by a Juilliard composition faculty, Christopher Rouse, Mozart Piano Concerto. 22, the soloist was the winner of the Juilliard Piano Competition, and Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5. 

I have never ever had this much fun in orchestra before.  This concert was amazing, it went really well and now I am quite sad that it is over!

(There was plenty of fun backstage too :) )

Maestro Oundjian is also a violinist and he gave a violin masterclass on Wednesday.  He is a good friend of my violin teacher, Laurie Smukler! They studied at Juilliard together back in the days, and they were both quite excited about the reunion!

It is interesting how these two alumni reunited 30 years later at the same school they studied in.  One of them is now faculty here and the other one is a guest conductor and giving a masterclass. I wondered what the chances were, that my classmates will also reunite here at Juilliard in 30 years, by teaching, performing or conducting!  It seems very unreal right now, but who knows? I couldn’t help but wonder.

Like these cool people over here :) we have no idea where we will end up.  But perhaps we will all see each other again in this very same hall, Alice Tully Hall, and perform another concert together with grey hair and wrinkles!


We also had the Juilliard Violin Concerto Competition this week!  This semesters’ concerto was Glazunov.  I went and listened to 4 people in the finals.  WOW!  The level was very high!  It was so inspiring and motivating! 

So keep practicing everybody!  :) I know that's what I will be doing just in case you were wondering.

Have a great week everyone! 

Until next time,


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