Robert (22)

Robert in Concert - Photo: Elizabeth Baker

Where are you from? 

I hail from Lakeland, Florida. It’s a fun little town in between Tampa and Orlando.

Does that mean you grew up in Disneyland basically? 

Disney World, actually. But basically yes - that place seeps into pretty much every aspect of Central Floridian life.

And you play…?

I play the piano, and all of its related instruments - harmonium, toy piano, melodica, etcetera. I also occasionally dabble in cello, recent concert highlights including a midnight performance of “The Swan” for one of my roommates.

Were the piano keys inspiration for the many horizontal stripes you are wearing? 

Not quite… I like to think of the stripes as my way of defying the laws of nature - people always say that horizontal stripes aren’t flattering, I’m trying to prove that assertion wrong.

Who is your fashion idol?

I’m not sure if she wears horizontal stripes very often, but Tilda Swinton is by far the most fashionable human being on the planet. Though I’m also not 100% sure that she is human.

Tell us about something you have done outside the music world that makes you proud. 

When I was in high school, I ran a pretty successful film blog with a committed group of readers. It was really fun and I regret that I didn’t keep up with it - but I’m currently considering the possibility of restarting it, so…grab your popcorn.

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Andddd…...We’re Back

Andddd…...We’re Back