Ready for Round 2?

Ready for Round 2?

So. We are back. How crazy.

Last semester was seriously the fastest semester. Ever.

And now we are here.

BUT… winter break was much needed.

I went home to San Francisco for 2 and a half weeks and then to Hawaii for the first time in my whole life!

And it was amazing.

It was breathtaking

Absolutely Beautiful

I got to spend time with my sister.

And I got to be in nature, which is rare while living in New York City.

Before I knew it, break was over and back to the concrete jungle I went...where is it is absolutely freezing! 

So. Cold.

But, on the plus side I got to see all of my wonderful friends for the first time in 4 weeks! 

I went exploring with some of the best. 

I performed with others.

Audrey, on the way back from our first Gluck performance of the semester.

I ate food with some.

Whitney and I had dinner together on Friday before the screening of “Match”, a film based loosely off of the life of one of our ballet teachers at Juilliard. (Highly recommended).

I relaxed. 

I had a wonderful Saturday night at Daisy’s apartment.

Here’s to another semester of loving, laughing, and of course, dancing.


Home is Where the Heart Is

Home is Where the Heart Is

Five Semesters Down, Three To Go

Five Semesters Down, Three To Go