Andddd…...We’re Back

Andddd…...We’re Back

9:00am on Monday,January 12th I saw something I’ve never seen and never thought I would see. All of my classmates, well rested. Beaming, actually.

Other than flying home, I didn’t travel. Made no plans. Didn’t attend to any holiday parties I did what I had been dying to do for months-sleep.

I slept and read and watched tv.
I hung around with my family, and had a lovely start to the new year.
The sleep and family time was priceless.

And with a full week of classes now under my belt- I am exhausted.
The week included our first Cabaret rehearsals.
The first meeting for the New Orleans ArtReach Project.
And preparing for the first weekend of Drama Auditions.

Best Wishes to anyone auditioning this week.
If there’s any advice I can offer it’s this:
Go in that room
Tell a great story, a story you love.

For more tips read this earlier post of mine by clicking here.

What did you enjoy most about your holiday?

What are you looking forward to on your audition day?



Robert (22)

Back for Round 2

Back for Round 2