A Look Back

A Look Back

Here we are, our final week before winter break!  I am so excited to go back home to Iceland, I am definitely in need of a break after these past crazy months! It seems like forever ago since I came to New York, didn’t know anyone and had no idea what kind of roller coaster I was in for!  I was so scared to be around such talented people, be in this intense environment and in this big city.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  Now that I look back, I know I made the right choice coming to school here. For the first time in my life I feel like I am in the exact right place, where I truly belong. This place is incredible in so many ways.  I am extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to come here, and be able to grow as a person and an artist. 

Here are some things that have stood out in my first four months here at Juilliard and I will always remember!

1)  Orientation week!  Making friends, adjusting.

It is hard for everyone to come to move away from home and come to college, no matter where you are coming from.  This week really saved our lives, they taught us everything about the school,  made us play awkward games to break the ice and helped us make these first days so much easier.  It was actually an incredibly fun week!

2) Seeing the other divisons perform! 

I work as a Concert Usher as my workstudy, which allows me to see some of the shows that are going on inside the school.  I was completely blown away by the other divisions, dance and drama!  I couldn’t believe how talented these people were!  If you come to Juilliard, make sure you attend these performances, your friends and colleagues are incredible at what they do!

3) Performing in front of my classmates!

Although I haven't had any real performances, it is always scary to perform for the first time in front of your judgemental classmates.  First studio class, first orchestra seating audition, first quartet performance… it is very scary! However, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be!  The people were supportive and deep down everyone felt the same way.

4) Seeing world renowned artists perform across the street!

If you study at Juilliard, means that a typical Friday night may involve seeing your idol perform, right across the street for a very cheap price!! After a while, you even get used to it!  That, in my opinion, really makes this school unique.  You can get good education everywhere, but this kind of education you get by seeing actual artists perform live, is very special. 

5)  All the new friends!

It is funny how easily you make new friends when you are away from everyone you know.  Let’s face it.  When you look back, all the best memories were created with your friends.  Don’t forget to have fun, even though life is busy!

Overall, I am a very happy camper here at Juilliard.  I highly recommend you to come here!! You will not regret it :)

Happy Holidays everyone!


Five Semesters Down, Three To Go

Five Semesters Down, Three To Go

 A Look Back

A Look Back