Top 10 Practice Spaces

Top 10 Practice Spaces

I spent a week surveying fellow students and inspected every space on campus to put together this list of the best practice spaces on campus. The quality of acoustics, comfort, and availability weight in the most during the rating process. 

Here we go: 

10. 4th Floor Practice Rooms (with blue acoustical curtains) 

There are some 80 of these rooms and, even though they only made the last place of this list, during rush hour you will most likely be overcome with happiness to find one open. Not great for winds, basically impossible for the brass, but alas, they are the most popular choice at most times! 

9. 4th Floor Practice Rooms (without acoustical paneling or curtains)

These are for the confident player, as the sound of your practicing in one of these rooms will fill the hallways, creep through the walls and people twenty rooms away will notice your rushing through those 16th notes. However, the comfort level of these rooms - significantly fewer in number - is much higher due mostly to the improved acoustics. 

8. 3rd Floor Dance Studios 

There are 8 of these on the third floor and, when not in use by dancers, you will most likely find brass players and ensembles using them for practice and rehearsals. They tend to be a bit on the boomy side - very comfortable and relaxing - but forget about recording yourself here. 

7. 3rd Floor Opera/Drama Studios

Only a few of these are ever open and available, hence the lower-than-expected rating. Acoustics are pretty great in these rooms, there are windows and, if you find one without the buzz of the A/C vents, recordings made here can be really fantastic! 

6. Morse Hall

Just imagine a quiet night during recital season when for some bizarre reason you end up on Street Level and find Morse Hall deserted and open. Practice Away! Morse is great for recordings and a very good and honest acoustic space to practice in. 

5. Room 309

The old orchestral studio is a very popular space for recordings and sometimes even recitals. You can book it through the Orchestra Office, however, do it well in advance as it does get filled up quickly. Between orchestra cycles and during late nights you might find it open, waiting just for you to come in and play! 

4. Room 543

This beautiful rehearsal hall with great - and adjustable - acoustics hosts most orchestra rehearsals, the LAB orchestra, AXIOM, the New Juilliard Ensemble, and various other events that fill its calendar to the limits. However, there is an hour here and there when you will find the space off duty, don’t hesitate to ask if you can go in and play a few notes - double bass players are usually the lucky ones! 

3. Paul Hall 

Just like the other recital hall, Morse, the big brother is also extremely busy with recitals, organ lessons, masterclasses and various other events that are booked through the Concert Office. It is a fantastic space to record in and practicing here will boost your enthusiasm and self-confidence for sure! 

2. 5th Floor Classrooms/Studios 

Although, the acoustics are not as great as in some of the halls below, the likelihood of finding any one of these open and available is significantly higher! They are the most popular spaces during early mornings, late nights, and weekends. Good spaces for recordings and ensemble rehearsals. 

1. Glorya Kaufman Dance Studio

It is really hard to beat the view from this space that features two floor to ceiling glass walls, one facing Broadway and the other the hallway. If you want to get inspired by the pulse of the city keep checking if Kaufman is open, you might just get lucky! Be aware of improvised audiences both outside and inside the building! 

Rooms Frequented by a Music Student

Rooms Frequented by a Music Student

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