Navigating Campus: The Elevator Series

Navigating Campus: The Elevator Series

It never occurred to me, when I started Juilliard, how much of my day I would spend in an elevator. In order to get from my dorm room to my dance class, I must take three separate elevators. That’s insane!

I present to you, Navigating Campus: The Elevator Series

Now, spending so much time in an elevator can get tedious, and quite boring. At Juilliard, we are so busy with our crazy schedules that any time not well spent is time wasted. I came up with some ways in which someone can utilize their elevator time here at Juilliard.

For starters, you can…

Have a snack!

I am always hungry. Eating is a classic elevator activity, practiced by many in the Juilliard community.

Listen to music.

The elevators do not have any elevator music. So I bring my own!

Take a quick nap.

It gets tough finding the time to stay rested. You never know how comfortable the side of an elevator may be until you have tried it.

Stay hydrated.

It is important to remember to drink water. A quick ride in an elevator is a perfect time to catch up on your fluids!

Talk to a friend on the phone.

There are many people I miss from home. So I call them from the elevator for a talk! 

Talk to a friend at school. 

It’s easy to lose touch with people at school since we have such different schedules. A simple elevator ride can turn into a great hang out with your favorite people.

Do some light reading and homework. 

Elevators are a great opportunity to get ahead on any homework you may have.


As a dancer, I need to stay warm for each dance class. Elevators also double as a great ballet barre. 


Maybe next time. 

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