Recommended Places for a Re-fuel

Recommended Places for a Re-fuel

Dear Coffee-lovers, 

If you thought that getting a great cup of coffee around Juilliard was the easiest thing, you are in for a big surprise. The Lincoln Center area, while having a superb reputation for its cultural offerings, lacks the great restaurant and coffee shop selection that most NYC neighborhoods can offer. To get a good lunch or dinner for instance - that is also decently priced - you will have to wonder quite a few blocks away from campus to the UWS or Hell’s Kitchen. When it comes to coffee, the acceptable distance shrinks so I will focus on the 6 or so block radius of Lincoln Center in this review.

Being extremely time-conscious, as you will be once you start your studies here, I present to you a list of places that I recommend based on how much time you have on your hands to refresh your body and soul (listings in order of preference): 

5-7 minutes - “the highway stop"

1. Indie
Conveniently located just across from the main entrance of Juilliard, Indie offers decent espresso drinks and drip coffee. If you have a short break between classes and rehearsals, this is your place to run out to. Prices are rather high, but you can always utilize (pro-tip alert) your Juilliard discount of 10% by showing your ID and another little perk is the free refills! 

2. Gourmet Garage
Also conveniently located across from the back entrance of school on 66th Street, this upscale deli offers self-serve drip coffee with optional flavored syrups for no extra charge. 

7-15 minutes - “quality every day" 

***1. Joe The Art of Coffee
The newest location of New York City-based café-legend Joe Coffee is a real gem on Columbus and 68th Street. A good variety of options including pour-over coffee and truly superb espresso drinks - prepared always with the utmost care by a small staff of three. Get to know them, they are fantastic people! ***

2. BreadSoul Café
This tiny hole in the wall sandwich shop on Broadway and 63rd Street used to be the to go place around school. Their coffee is very decent and combined with lunch (salads, sandwiches, paninis, soups) you get yourself a great deal here. 

15-30 minutes - “variety” 

1. Aroma
Arrive here expecting a crowd but don’t worry about a long line. The staff is quick and friendly, the coffee and espresso drinks are good and lunch served here is delicious. If you have the time to sit, eat, and read or to have a quick meeting, go here! 

2. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
This California-based specialty coffee and tea retailer and brewer is a local favorite. A 10-minute walk from school can be very refreshing, especially when there is a hot cup of coffee in your hands on the way back. 

1 hour+ - “best of the best” 

1. Abraço
New York City might not have the best of everything, but it definitely has places of all kinds that offer extreme-high quality with the sort of care and enthusiasm for their products a true connoisseur is looking for. This place is the reason why I fall in love with coffee and, although I rarely have a chance to visit these days, the quality of coffee here (10/10!) has not changed at all over the past 5 years. Take a trip downtown, buy a book at the Strand and stop by Abraço for a mind-blowingly gorgeous and delicious cup of your favorite coffee-drink. Your body will thank you. (Also, just one thing: Olive Oil Cake.) East 7th Street and 1st avenue. 

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