Day in the Life

Day in the Life

Life at Juilliard never stops moving. The days are long, but I actually really enjoy the structure of it. Here’s what a typical day at Juilliard looks like for me.

7:00 AM - Wake up in the morning feeling like a boss.

7:15 AM - Hit the gym with the bros.

8:30 AM Breakfast on the Go

9 AM Morning class

(In first and second year, we have a music class two days a week. I also take a liberal arts course.) 

10:40 AM Ballet

(Some light stretching before ballet. She really needs to work on her flexibility…)

12:05 PM Snack before modern class

(A quick snack and a snuggle in between classes)

12:15 PM Modern technique class
(This year I have Taylor technique and Graham technique).

1:40 -2:30 Finally, it’s lunchtime!

Lunch 2.jpg

(Food time is my favorite time of the day)

2:30 PM - 7:00 PM Afternoon classes/ Rehearsals

(These classes will vary. Right now, we are rehearsing with Loni London for our New Dances performance in December!) 

7:30 PM
grabbing dinner from my boo thang Ava!


(Totally nailed this day. Time to sleep and do it all over again tomorrow.) 

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